Vixen VixSkin Outlaw

Review: Vixen VixSkin Outlaw Dildo

The Vixen Outlaw is big. While not the largest or thickest dildo out there (even among Vixen’s own Vixskin line), the Outlaw is a long, girthy toy. If you consider yourself a size queen, this might be the toy for you! It is much larger and thicker than the average penis.

Material and Design

The Vixen Outlaw is constructed from Vixen Vixskin silicone, a proprietary platinum-grade silicone. This silicone is part of what makes Vixen’s dual-density line so squishy and comfortable.

Vixen VixSkin Outlaw

The Vixen Outlaw has a lot of realistic texture, particularly around the head. While the shape of the balls are realistic, there is also texture around the flat balls at the base. The texture is realistic, but it is not hard or likely to be uncomfortable, even if you don’t care for textured dildos.

The surface of the silicone is slightly sticky, and it easily attracts lint and hair. In fact, Vixen Vixskin silicone is an exception to the rule that silicone can be stored with other silicone. Vixen actually recommends storing its Vixskin dildos separately from others. The Vixen Outlaw may attract lint and hair easily, but it is also easy to clean with soap and water.

The Vixen Outlaw is BIG

The Vixen Outlaw is a long, girthy dildo with flattened balls at the base. It is anal safe due to the balls at the base.

I cannot emphasize the size enough, because it is girthy and long.

The average penis is 5.88” in length and 4.97” in girth according to a 2001 Lifestyles study (where penises were not self-measured). The Vixen Vixskin is 8.75” in insertable length (9.25” in total length) and 2” in diameter – 6.5” in girth at the head, and 6” throughout the length of the shaft. Using the data from the Lifestyles study, the Vixen Outlaw would be at about the 99th percentile for girth and above the 99th percentile for length.

While the dual-density is squishy and comparable to an actual penis, it is still more difficult to take than a penis of comparable of girth, in my opinion. You should take this into consideration when purchasing not just the Vixen Vixskin dildos, but virtually any dual-density toy. While the dual-density is squishier, has “give”, and is not as firm as an ordinary dildo, it is still less squishy than an erect penis.

Does the Vixen Outlaw Work as Vixen Claims?

Vixen claims that the Outlaw “looks and feels like authentic skin”. I would agree that it is very close to feeling like skin, as it is soft and squishy.

Vixen also notes that it “warms and retains body heat”, has a “non-slip base for use with harness”, and a “solid inner core for functional use”. Vixen does warm and retain body heat during use, and its solid inner core makes it stay “erect” and allows it to be thrust and stay stiff. While I have not used it with a harness, the base is non-slip.

Vixen also has a warranty, which is somewhat unique for dildos, further reinforcing its claim that it “does not break down or degrade.”

In general, it does exactly what Vixen says.

Should you buy this?

Are you a size queen? Are you interested in trying a large, realistic dildo? You might want this. The material is squishy and absolutely amazing to feel.

While Vixen Vixskin toys are expensive, they are dual-density and made from a high-quality silicone. If the Outlaw sounds too long or girthy for you – or if you need G-spot stimulation –  there are other Vixen Vixskin toys that you might enjoy.

If you want G-spot stimulation, you might look towards another toy. Among Vixen’s Vixskin line, there are several toys that might meet your needs. The Slim is 8” long and 1.5” in diameter and has a marked curve for G-spot stimulation. The Ranger is 6.5” long and 1.9” in diameter and also has a moderately strong curve for G-spot stimulation.

If you don’t need this much length, but want something similarly girthy, you could try the Johnny (7” in length, 1.9” in diameter), Lonestar (6.75” in length, 1.9” in diameter), or Buck (6” in length, 1.9” in diameter).

If you don’t need this much girth, you could try the Bandit (7.75” length, 1.67” in diameter).

If you want something girthier, Vixen Randy is girthier at 2.22” in diameter, but it has less length – 6.5”.

If you want something girthier and longer, Vixen Gambler is absolutely giant at 10.5” in length and 2.875” in diameter (8” in girth).

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Tantus Magma

Review: Tantus Magma

When I first saw the Magma, I was intrigued but afraid. The Magma was – and is – a stunning toy, but it looked so glossy and firm. I imagined that the Magma would be hard and painful with its shiny drips.

Tantus Magma

Fortunately, my fears had no basis in reality. The Tantus Magma is softer than the average Tantus dildo – according to Felicity of Phallophile Reviews, it is 10A shore. It is more flexible than the average dildo listed as “flexible” by Tantus, and the matte silicone is somewhat squishy.

Design and Material

The Tantus Magma is constructed from body-safe silicone – it is available in two colors – a bright red and a black, but I purchased the Magma in black. The drips, which provide texture, are a glossy silicone. Underneath the drips is a softer matte silicone. Due to the soft matte silicone and the textured drips, I recommend a water-based lube. In addition, you should take care to clean the matte silicone and to clean around the drips. I would recommend using a soft toothbrush (or other soft brush) to clean the Magma.

Tantus Magma Drips

The design of the Magma is characterized by these drips, which are heavily textured. The Magma is angled, which is ideal for G-Spot (or prostate) stimulation. The Magma has a flared base that makes it anal-safe and harness-safe.

The heavy texture combined with the shape of the Magma was amazing. The head is bulbous but non-realistic, providing excellent G-spot stimulation.


The Magma is 6.4” in length and 5.5” in girth at the fullest point at the head (4.5” in girth near the base).

Does It Do What It Says?

Tantus says about the Magma:

“Magma is a fantasy dildo of molten silicone textured with drips. Perfect for G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation. Put in hot water for temperature play.”

I agree with the claims made by Tantus. The textured drips add to the G-spot stimulation that the bulbous head and the curved shape provide. When placed in warm water, the Magma holds heat well.

Should You Buy the Tantus Magma?

I think that the Tantus Magma is an excellent dildo. The design is beautiful and unique, and the drips and large head provide excellent G-spot stimulation.

I would recommend the Magma if you like:

  • Texture. The Magma’s drip texture is impossible to ignore, for better or for worse. I personally enjoy the texture, and it is great if you are a fan of texture.
  • Pronounced heads. The Magma has a large pronounced head. This is great for G-spot stimulation.
  • Fantasy dildos. While the Magma isn’t, the molten drips do provide an element of fantasy. In general, the design is not realistic, which is excellent if you are not a fan of realistiic dildos.
  • Affordable, high-quality dildos. The Magma is an excellent value at regular price, but is especially good at SheVibe (or during a Tantus sale).

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Doc Johnson Mood Naughty and CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit - Standing Up

Comparison: Doc Johnson Mood Naughty vs. CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit

The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 trainer set, and the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit are my two most favorite butt plug sets. They are both spaced appropriately with 0.25” diameter increases between plugs. Both sets are made of high-quality, easy to clean silicone and are sold at a great price. Without reading this, I could recommend either set to anyone reading this. However, if you read below, you will see the similarities and differences that might make one plug the best choice for you.


Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Set vs. CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit

The CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit contains plugs that are 1”, 1.25”, and 1.5” in diameter. The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Trainer Set contains plugs that are 0.75”, 1”, and 1.25” in diameter. While you can buy an additional larger plug, the Mood Naughty set may be more limiting if you already have any experience with anal play.


The Doc Johnson plugs are longer at each comparable girth – the plugs are 3”, 4”, and 5” in length, while the CalExotics plugs are 3”, 3.5”, and 4.25” in length.

Neck Girth

The Doc Johnson plugs have less girthy necks – the largest Doc Johnson plug has a neck girth of 1.7”, which is the same neck girth as the smallest CalExotics plug.

Base Length

The CalExotics plugs have a shorter base, which means that vaginal sex while wearing one of these plugs is possible for more people. The Doc Johnson plugs have longer, thinner bases – and these bases are curved and may stretch out when flattened.

The longest CalExotics base is 2.4”, but one side or tip of that plug is 0.9”, which means that vaginal sex is more likely. The shortest Doc Johnson base is 2.2” (2.45” stretched), with one side or tip being 0.75” (0.9-0.95” stretched), while the longest is 3” (3.4” stretched), with the tip being 1.3” (1.4-1.5” stretched).


Both are firm silicone, but the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plugs feel slightly less firm. Realistically, if you want a softer silicone, neither of these will fit your needs. They are both similarly firm, but high-quality silicone.

The CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit plugs have a smooth satin finish that has been less likely to attract dust and dirt than the matte finish of the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plugs.

However, on the largest CalExotics plug, the seam is more raised than on the Doc Johnson plugs. Personally, I did not find this noticeable during use, but you might.

Winner: Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Set

Ease of Cleaning

Both plugs are easy to clean. While the seams on the CalExotics anal exerciser kit plugs are more noticeable, they do not pose any difficulties during cleaning. In fact, the only crevice that seems to hold dirt or grime is the Doc Johnson logo engraved into the base of the Doc Johnson plugs.

Winner: CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit

Overall Design

I personally prefer the CalExotics plugs here, as I like the solid, short base. This allows the plugs to be used during vaginal sex as well. The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plugs are longer and may occlude the vagina or rub uncomfortably against the penetrating partner.

Both bases are sufficiently long, but the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plugs are more flexible – for better or worse. Some people may like this because they may fit comfortably. Personally, the thinness of the material meant that they uncomfortably pressed into my butt cheeks.

Another concern is one that I have seen among beginners on Reddit – the flexibility seems to lead some to a feeling of unease. While the base is long enough that this should not be a concern, some users have worried about the flexible base being sucked in. Given that anal stretching and butt plug kits are often used by those with less experience, this leads me to prefer the CalExotics plugs.

Winner: CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit

Below, I compare the design of the two sets in more detail.

Neck Girth for Anal Stretching

The CalExotics plugs are slightly girthier, even when comparing comparable plugs. This is good for anal stretching, but it is less desirable if you want to wear a plug for an extended period of time.

Winner: CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit

Neck Girth for Extended Wear Comfort

The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty set has a narrow neck compared to the CalExotics set (and to many other plugs). This is great for beginners, and it is also good for more comfortable extended wearing.

Winner: Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Set

Ease of Removal

CalExotics has a firm and inflexible base, for better or worse. When it comes to ease of removal, the CalExotics anal exerciser kit plugs are easier to remove for two reasons. One, the base of the plug is more substantial and heavier than the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty base. Two, the neck is thicker, and as Squirrelmunk can attest, a thick neck is slightly easier to remove.

Winner: CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit

Best for Use During Vaginal Sex

T-bar bases are generally not ideal for use during vaginal sex, but I have personally found that some plugs have bases that are sufficiently long (and thus safe) but also not too long. Anogenital distance – in this case, the distance between the anus and vagina – varies from person to person, so it is impossible to give a blanket recommendation. This is why I provide measurements. Either way, the CalExotics Anal Exerciser kit plugs have bases that are shorter than the Doc Johnson plugs, which means that more people can enjoy these plugs during sex.

The median anogenital distance is approximately 1.5 inches, and in one Spanish study, the range was between 1.09 and 1.9 inches. Using these measurements, most of these plugs should be fine, however it is important to realize that the touching may make vaginal penetration uncomfortable for the person with the penis even if the bases are shorter than this distance.

Winner: CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit

Which Should You Buy?

If you want a set of butt plugs that you can use during sex, I would recommend the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit. The shorter base ensures that most people can use them during sex, but this isn’t necessarily the case for the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plugs.

If you want a narrower neck for more comfortable wear, I would recommend the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty set.

If you want a girthier neck for more anal stretching, I would recommend the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit.

If you have some anal play experience, I would recommend the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit since the girth is larger.

Either way, if you want a high-quality silicone anal trainer or stretching set, I think you will be happy with either set.

I also recommend reading my review of the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit and the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Trainer Set for more details.

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Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Plugs

Review: Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Set

The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 set includes three plugs – a small, medium, and large butt plug. The width of the plugs are spaced out appropriately for anal training or stretching, with 0.25” increments in diameter between each plug. The packaging is relatively plain plastic packaging, so I would recommend storing the plugs elsewhere once you’ve opened the package.

Design and Material

Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Plugs

The plugs in the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 butt plug set are constructed from a firm silicone. The firmness of the silicone ensures that these plugs are easy to insert.

I purchased the set in black, but it is also available in pink and in a translucent color with rainbow specks throughout.


Measurements matter a lot to me when I am shopping for butt plugs, so I include them in depth here for those who also care.

The small plug is 3” long, with a diameter of 0.75” (girth of 2.75”), and neck girth of 1.25”. The medium plug is 5” long, with a diameter of 1” (girth of 3.25”), and neck girth of 1.4”. The large plug is 5” long, with a diameter of 1.25” (girth of 4”) and neck girth of 1.7”. The neck-to-bulb ratio of these plugs means that the neck is comfortable and easy to wear for an extended period of time.

The length of the base and half of the base (that can make vaginal penetration uncomfortable, if applicable to you) for each plug can matter. The small plug has a base length of 2.2” and the flexible end is ~0.75” long. The medium plug has a base length of 2.5” and the flexible end is ~1” long. The large plug has a base length of 3” and the flexible end is ~1.2” long.

Butt Plug Base

The base of the plugs is longer than average, but not very wide, which may be more comfortable for some.

The length of the base may also occlude the vagina, which means that these are not necessarily ideal for use during vaginal intercourse. This is a common problem with T-bar base plugs, though I found it was less of a problem with the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit bases.

Personally, the smallest plug was perfectly fine to be used during vaginal sex, but the length of the base of the other two plugs can pose challenges – depending on your anatomy.

The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plugs have a flexible base, and this has its pros and cons. The flexibility means that the base can mold to your body. On the other hand, it is slightly harder to remove than a plug that has a firmer base. On Reddit, I have seen several beginners worry about the plug being swallowed inside – while this is unlikely due to the difference in width between the base and the bulb, it could be something to take into consideration.


The necks of the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plugs are excellent – they are relatively thin, which allows them to be worn more comfortably for an extended period of time.

Personally, I did not like the thin flexible base. The thin base pressed into my butt cheeks, which was less comfortable than the average (wider, more substantial) base. This probably depends on your butt, however!

Ease of Cleaning

The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plugs are easy to clean with soap and water, and they can safely be boiled to sanitize them. There are no hidden nooks or crannies, no imperfections, and no obvious seams to clean.

Does the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Butt Plug Set Work As It Claims?

Doc Johnson describes the plugs as follows:

“Measuring at 3, 4, and 5 inches, this set is perfectly shaped and sized to help backdoor beginners gently expand the boundaries of their anal experience. The classic tapered tip of Mood Naughty slides right in, and the firm yet flexible material and curved rocker base make these plugs comfortable and safe for extended wear. “

The measurements provided by Doc Johnson are correct. The shape is a classic and ideal shape for a butt plug, and the small diameters are perfect for beginners to anal play. I agree with Doc Johnson’s claims – these plugs live up to the manufacturer’s claims.

Should You Buy This?

The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty set is one of the best butt plug sets around. The spacing between each plug is appropriate, with spacing of 0.25” between each plug. This alone puts it above most anal training/butt plug sets.

The value is excellent. I purchased the set from SheVibe for $24.99. In comparison, a single large Mood Naughty butt plug normally costs $21.99 at SheVibe ($24.99 MSRP). in addition, the price of $24.99 is on the low end of most anal trainer and butt plug sets.

I definitely recommend the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty set if you are a beginner. Due to the widths of the plugs – ranging in width from 0.75” – 1.25” – these are excellent plugs if you don’t have previous experience with anal plugs. The flip side of that is that if you are a little experienced, I might recommend another set like the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit.

If you are inexperienced and are merely concerned with how small the large plugs are, there is an additional Mood Naughty plug available in Extra Large (1.5” in width).

If you are concerned about the base of the plugs, check out the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit – I also highly recommend it (and prefer it slightly).

If you are looking for prostate stimulation, and not really sure that you want an entire set of plugs, the Mood Naughty 2 plugs are designed to provide prostate stimulation.

If you are looking for a softer/squishier plug, I would recommend Oxballs Ergo in XS.

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Lovehoney Fifty Shades of Grey Anal Beads

Review: Lovehoney Fifty Shades of Grey Carnal Bliss Anal Beads

If you’re like me, you might immediately write off anything associated with Fifty Shades of Grey. If so, I understand. For many reasons, I am not a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey. There are many problems with the series and its understanding of BDSM and relationship dynamics.

This alone was enough to make me hesitate to purchase the Fifty Shades of Grey anal beads from Lovehoney. In the end, however, I found that they were what I was looking for – a set of small anal beads that can easily be used during sex or during play on my own.

Design and Material

The Fifty Shades of Grey Carnal Bliss anal beads are made from a soft dark grey matte silicone. The material is easy to clean, and there are no parts that you need to pay particular attention to. There are three beads and a loop at the end, making it easy to pull the beads out.

Lovehoney Fifty Shades of Grey Anal Beads


The entire length of the beads if 5.5”, while the insertable length is 3”. The diameter of these beads at the fullest width is 0.75” and the circumference is 2.7” at the fullest, so they are very beginner friendly. These anal beads are smaller than most and are among a small group of anal beads that are just 0.75” in diameter at their fullest width. The largest two beads are 2.7” in circumference, while the smallest bead is 2.1” in circumference. There is less than half an inch of space between each bead.

An Excellent Choice for Beginners

When I first used anal beads, I tried 1) toxic, porous beads and 2) beads that were connected using a string (and could not be cleaned or sterilized). Fortunately, these days there are affordable silicone anal beads made from safe materials that can be easily cleaned and sterilized.

I would consider the Fifty Shades of Grey anal beads a good introduction to anal beads. If you haven’t tried anal beads, you might not understand the sensation or know if you would enjoy it. These anal beads are designed similarly to many anal beads – the first bead is smallest, and the beads increase in size. In this case, however, there are only three beads.

If you have never tried anal beads, these beads will allow you to see if the sensation is pleasurable for you. In the end, you might decide to progress to larger sizes, but this is an inexpensive way to decide if it’s what you like. Even if you aren’t a beginner, you might not want 10”+ anal beads, and these still provide a pleasurable sensation in a small package.

Does It Do What It Claims?

Lovehoney says:

“Beginner’s sizing and a smaller first bead makes the set easy to insert and comfortable when in place. Wide spacing between each bead creates an undulating shape for extra stimulation during removal to ensure memorable sensations.”

I agree with the claims made by Lovehoney about these anal beads. The sizing is good for beginners, and the wide spacing provides a good sensation.

Should You Buy These?

I recommend these anal beads if you want a small set of anal beads that are meant for beginners. The value is excellent, especially if you don’t yet know whether you like anal beads.

Even if you are not a beginner to anal play or anal beads, I believe there is some value in this set, as these beads are compact. They can easily be used during sex, and they won’t require much prep.

However, you want anal beads that are thicker or want more beads, this is not a good choice.

If you want small anal beads but want them to be wider, the Blush Anal Adventures small anal beads are 1.25” in diameter at their widest point.

If you want anal beads that are longer, but not very thick, the Vixen small anal beads and Blush Performance anal beads are 0.75” in diameter.

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We-Vibe Touch X

Review: We-Vibe Touch X

When I first turned on the new We-Vibe Touch X, I wasn’t sure if there was something wrong. Was it defective? It sounded and felt different, yet still powerful. The new We-Vibe Touch X is noticeably slower and deeper than the We-Vibe Touch.

Packaging and What is Included in the Box

The We-Vibe Touch X comes inside of a beautifully designed box, much like other We-Vibe toys. Included inside the box is the charging cord, a small sample packet of pjur lube, two manuals, and a silky white bag. I love the bags included with We-Vibe items, as they are very high-quality and worth using. I find the bag to be a useful way to store the We-Vibe Touch X, but I can fit two or three similarly sized toys in this bag.

We-Vibe Touch Package Contents

Design and Material

The We-Vibe Touch X is constructed from a silky-smooth silicone. It is somewhat soft, and it is squishy around the “head” of the vibrator. It is slightly squishy all around if you squeeze, but it doesn’t feel particularly squishy otherwise.

We-Vibe Touch X

The deep blue-green of the Green Velvet option is absolutely beautiful. I personally like the purple color of the We-Vibe Touch, but toys made from unique color options do stand out (or blend in, as they can be more discreet). Essentially, it doesn’t look like most vibrators. The Green Velvet color adds a luxury feel to it. The Crave Coral option also looks beautiful and vibrant, while the green is more subdued.


The controls of the We-Vibe Touch X are well-designed, with separate, defined buttons to increase vibration (+), decrease vibration (-), and adjust patterns (~). This is an ideal configuration, in my mind. This means that you don’t accidentally change the setting, and it also means that you don’t need to cycle through the Pulse and Cha-Cha patterns – unless you want to.

We-Vibe Touch X Controls

With the We-Vibe Touch X, you can easily increase and decrease vibrations. Not only are the controls improved, but there are more vibration levels to choose from. This means that you can go slightly higher or lower.

Another amazing thing about the We-Vibe Touch X is the inclusion of a travel lock feature. This means that you can put the We-Vibe Touch X in your bag without being concerned that you’ll be surprised by an awkwardly timed vibrating bag, or just a dead battery upon arrival.

The Vibrations Feel Slow and Rumbly

I can’t say that I have ever experienced a vibration like the We-Vibe Touch X. I don’t know if it is a better or rumblier vibration, but it is different. The motor is slower and sounds different than the We-Vibe Touch. Nevertheless, it does feel good.

Ease of Use

The We-Vibe Touch X can be used for pinpoint or broader clitoral stimulation. It is a lay-on clitoral vibrator, so it can provide stimulation to the entire vulva. Although it is a clitoral vibrator, it can also be used for other external stimulation – for example, on nipples. The curved scoop shape of the tip of the vibrator is ideal for any rounded or curved area on your body.


As noted in my comparison between the We-Vibe Touch and We-Vibe Touch X [LINK], the We-Vibe Touch X has a Lithium ion battery. This is a good sign and may prevent battery issues that were experienced with the We-Vibe Touch. The battery on the We-Vibe Touch X lasts up to two hours, but I have found that it lasts around one hour on higher vibration levels.


The We-Vibe Touch X charges using an included magnetic USB charging cord. The metallic magnetic We-Vibe Touch X charging contacts are more like those on newer We-Vibe vibrators. This new charging style attaches securely, and you can be fully assured that it will be stay attached. This is a great improvement from the We-Vibe Touch, which had a more precarious charging connection. The We-Vibe Touch X charges fully in 90 minutes, which is a fairly quick charging time.

We-Vibe Touch X Charging Contacts

Does the We-Vibe Touch X Live Up To Its Claims?

We-Vibe says:

“The smoothest vibrator – perfect for releasing body tension, head-to-toe body massages and teasing and pleasing your erogenous zones.​”

I agree that the vibrator is smooth, and the scoop shape is excellent to use around your body, though I would most recommend it for clitoral use.

We-Vibe also touts that the We-Vibe Touch X is waterproof (IPX7) and whisper quiet. The We-Vibe Touch X is certainly waterproof, and it is fairly quiet even on higher settings. At the same time, I wouldn’t say that it is whisper quiet on the highest levels. If someone else were in the room with you, it would be heard, but the sounded is dampened by blankets. It is louder than white noise, but not as loud as a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer. On the lowest levels, I truly agree that it is almost imperceptible.

Should You Buy The We-Vibe Touch X?

If the We-Vibe Touch is still available on clearance, you may consider picking that up at a lower price. If that interests you, check out my comparison [LINK] between the We-Vibe Touch and the We-Vibe Touch X.

  • Do you like strong, rumbly vibrations?
  • Are you looking for an external vibrator?
  • Would you prefer a vibrator with the potential for broader stimulation?

If so, I highly recommend the We-Vibe Touch X. We-Vibe has improved upon the We-Vibe Touch controls, charging, and battery issues and created a stunning vibrator.

If you prefer a targeted pinpoint vibration, or prefer a bullet form factor, the We-Vibe Tango X is a great alternative.

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