Tantus Magma

Review: Tantus Magma

When I first saw the Magma, I was intrigued but afraid. The Magma was – and is – a stunning toy, but it looked so glossy and firm. I imagined that the Magma would be hard and painful with its shiny drips.

Tantus Magma

Fortunately, my fears had no basis in reality. The Tantus Magma is softer than the average Tantus dildo – according to Felicity of Phallophile Reviews, it is 10A shore. It is more flexible than the average dildo listed as “flexible” by Tantus, and the matte silicone is somewhat squishy.

Design and Material

The Tantus Magma is constructed from body-safe silicone – it is available in two colors – a bright red and a black, but I purchased the Magma in black. The drips, which provide texture, are a glossy silicone. Underneath the drips is a softer matte silicone. Due to the soft matte silicone and the textured drips, I recommend a water-based lube. In addition, you should take care to clean the matte silicone and to clean around the drips. I would recommend using a soft toothbrush (or other soft brush) to clean the Magma.

Tantus Magma Drips

The design of the Magma is characterized by these drips, which are heavily textured. The Magma is angled, which is ideal for G-Spot (or prostate) stimulation. The Magma has a flared base that makes it anal-safe and harness-safe.

The heavy texture combined with the shape of the Magma was amazing. The head is bulbous but non-realistic, providing excellent G-spot stimulation.


The Magma is 6.4” in length and 5.5” in girth at the fullest point at the head (4.5” in girth near the base).

Does It Do What It Says?

Tantus says about the Magma:

“Magma is a fantasy dildo of molten silicone textured with drips. Perfect for G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation. Put in hot water for temperature play.”

I agree with the claims made by Tantus. The textured drips add to the G-spot stimulation that the bulbous head and the curved shape provide. When placed in warm water, the Magma holds heat well.

Should You Buy the Tantus Magma?

I think that the Tantus Magma is an excellent dildo. The design is beautiful and unique, and the drips and large head provide excellent G-spot stimulation.

I would recommend the Magma if you like:

  • Texture. The Magma’s drip texture is impossible to ignore, for better or for worse. I personally enjoy the texture, and it is great if you are a fan of texture.
  • Pronounced heads. The Magma has a large pronounced head. This is great for G-spot stimulation.
  • Fantasy dildos. While the Magma isn’t, the molten drips do provide an element of fantasy. In general, the design is not realistic, which is excellent if you are not a fan of realistiic dildos.
  • Affordable, high-quality dildos. The Magma is an excellent value at regular price, but is especially good at SheVibe (or during a Tantus sale).

Where to purchase

Review: Blush Neo Elite Glow in the Dark Dildo

As I mentioned in my review of the Dr. Manhattan, I love things that glow in the dark. Blush also has a line of neon dual-density dildos that don’t glow, but I love the glow and the aesthetic of the Neo Elite Glow in the Dark dildos. The appearance of this dildo reminds me of the jelly toy aesthetic, except it is constructed from body-safe platinum-cured silicone.

Design and Material

I purchased the Blush Neo Elite glow in orange. This is a model that is 7.5” long and without balls (and is also available in blue). The other Blush Neo Elite glow in the dark dildos (in pink or green) instead have 5.5” of insertable length and balls. All of these models have a suction cup at the base. These models are also harness-safe and anal-safe thanks to the flared base.

Dual Density

The design of the Blush Neo Elite Glow in the dark dildo is so fascinating: it is dual-density, and the soft, squishy outer layer is nearly transparent. Due to this almost-transparent outer layer, you can see the firmer core of the dildo. Although it is not unique – there are a few other dildos with the same design – it is fun to see how much of the dildo is taken up by the softer outer layer and how much of the dildo is the inner core.

Blush Neo Elite Glow in the Dark Dildo

The Blush Neo Elite dildos are all dual-density, but they are not as realistic as Vixen Vixskin dildos. I wouldn’t expect them to be given their amazing price ($29.99 at SheVibe or Peepshow Toys). Although they are not quite as realistic as other dual-density models, the outer layer is squishy and wonderfully soft. While it is glossy and soft, is not as tacky as I have found Vixen Vixskin, which is a plus. This dildo is very flexible, but it can also stand up straight on its own, thanks to the firm inner core.


There is some light veiny texture along the shaft of the Blush Neo Elite glow in the dark dildo. I am able to feel the texture, but it is not too noticeable (for better or for worse, depending on how you feel about textured dildos).

Blush Neo Elite Glow in the Dark in Orange Texture

Measurements and Shape

The Blush Neo Elite glow in the dark dildo has just over 7” of insertable length measuring from the base to the tip of the head. There is a slight curve, but the curve does not necessarily hold its shape in use due to the flexibility of the material. This dildo is tapered: the girth starts at a thin 3.5” at the head, progressing to a slightly below average 4.2” at the mid-shaft, all the way to a slightly above average 5.2” at the base of the shaft. The head is realistic and slightly squishy, but not it is small and is not bulbous.

Blush Neo Elite Glow in the Dark in Orange Head

Ease of Use

I love thicker dildos, but I really enjoy using the Blush Neo Elite glow in the dark dildo. Thanks to its tapered shape and less girthy head, it is easy to use the Blush Neo Elite dildo without much “warm-up”. The tapered shape and flared base also make it a great choice for anal use.

Although the shape of the dildo is curved, I didn’t find it to be particularly effective for G-spot stimulation. The texture along the dildo is nice, but very light, and the head of the dildo is small – for me, this meant a nice sensation, but no G-spot orgasms. Where this dildo did shine for me was for A-spot stimulation. It is long (slightly more than 7”) and squishy enough to stimulate my A-spot and deep vaginal erogenous zones without pain.

The glow in the dark feature is easy to activate with bright light. Just leave it in front of some bright light in advance, and you will end up with a beautiful glowing dildo.

Although there is some light veiny texture, it is very easy to clean the Blush Neo Elite glow in the dark dildo – I haven’t found any issues with the texture or head.

Does It Live Up to Blush’s Claims?

Blush says:

“The two-layer construction creates an ultra-realistic feel – soft yet firm. Neo Elite 7.5 Inch with Suction Cup offers a tapered head for easy insertion. Its above-average length makes using this toy’s strong suction cup easier than ever. Or it’ll fit into your favorite harness!”

I agree with the description given here by Blush – it is not ultra-realistic, but it is a soft, yet firm dual-density dildo with a tapered head and above average length. It is also harness-compatible.

Should You Buy the Blush Neo Elite Glow in the Dark Dildo?

I really enjoy the 7.5” Blush Neo Elite glow in the dark dildo. I recommend it, particularly if you…

  • Like glow in the dark toys. The glow is fairly intense and is very pretty.
  • Like the jelly aesthetic. Some people want jelly dildos – be it for nostalgia or the aesthetic – but this is a body-safe alternative.
  • Want an affordable dual-density dildo. At $29.99, this is an excellent way to explore dual-density toys.
  • Want a toy that is long but not thick. Only towards the base does the Blush Neo Elite glow in the dark dildo approach the girth of an average penis. The sensation is nice, and it also provides potential for A-spot stimulation.

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Uberrime Dr. Manhattan - Glowing in the Dark

Review: Uberrime Dr. Manhattan

I always loved things that glow in the dark – glow-in-the-dark stars, glow-in-the-dark paint, glow-in-the-dark shoes – and I still do. When I saw that the Uberrime Dr. Manhattan glowed in the dark, I had to have it. When I bought the Dr. Manhattan, I was trying to decide between different A-spot dildos made by Uberrime – the Night King, A-Spot Avengers, and the Aqua-King.

I ordered the Dr. Manhattan from SheVibe. The package from SheVibe was discreet. The Dr. Manhattan packaging was minimalist: it was packaged inside of a simple plastic bag. This bag was could be reused for storage, or you could fit the Dr. Manhattan inside of a cloth bag (or even a zip-top gallon bag). Inside was an information sheet (with a handwritten thank you), an Uberrime sticker, and the Dr. Manhattan itself.

Dr. Manhattan Resembles Its Namesake

Previous versions of the Dr. Manhattan appeared to be a different blue color with silver swirls, but the version that I purchased from SheVibe in 2020 is different. The version reviewed here is closer to blue of the superhero Dr. Manhattan.

The Dr. Manhattan is an electric blue color, with subtle shimmer throughout the length of the dildo.

Uberrime Dr. Manhattan - texture

When the Dr. Manhattan glows, it glows a bright blue color. In order to attain a bright blue glow, you should make sure the Dr. Manhattan is exposed to bright light beforehand.

Uberrime Dr. Manhattan - Glowing in the Dark

While the glow isn’t a necessary feature outside of enhanced Watchmen accuracy, it is fun to play with.

Material and Design

The Uberrime Dr. Manhattan is constructed from soft (5A) shore silicone. It is soft, slightly squishy, and easy to bend. While the Dr. Manhattan can stay upright, it does flop over. The base of the Dr. Manhattan ensures that it is anal-safe and harness-compatible. While the base is not a suction base, I do find that there is some natural suction to the base, and it easily sticks to level surfaces.

The Dr. Manhattan is long – 8.5” of insertable length – and fairly thick at 5” in circumference. The head is squishy and thicker than the shaft, at 5.9” in girth. Loose texture runs along the shaft of the Dr. Manhattan. The texture is not veiny and is more akin to the type of texture on a fantasy dildo, but it is somewhat similar to thick veins. Even if you don’t like texture, the soft material and loose texture might be tolerable or even enjoyable. The head has a realistic shape with a shallow slit on the top.

The material is soft and smooth, but not sticky. I would still recommend storing it in a bag or enclosed container, as it will still collect dust, hair, etc.

Should You Buy This?

I recommend the Dr. Manhattan if you want a long, fairly thick dildo that is anal-safe and harness-compatible.

If you like the appearance of fantasy dildos, but want some elements of realism, the Dr. Manhattan would be a great choice.

I bought the Dr. Manhattan for A-spot stimulation, but the A-spot stimulation wasn’t amazing for me. Fortunately, the soft, squishy texture means that there is no painful cervix bumping, but I did have to aim the Dr. Manhattan just right to achieve A-spot orgasms. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

The length also makes the Dr. Manhattan excellent for practicing giving deepthroating. The head is fairly realistic and while the Dr. Manhattan is soft, it still mostly holds its form.

At 8.5” of insertable length, the Dr. Manhattan might not be ideal if you don’t need the length.

Where to Buy