Review: Tantus Magma

When I first saw the Magma, I was intrigued but afraid. The Magma was – and is – a stunning toy, but it looked so glossy and firm. I imagined that the Magma would be hard and painful with its shiny drips.

Tantus Magma

Fortunately, my fears had no basis in reality. The Tantus Magma is softer than the average Tantus dildo – according to Felicity of Phallophile Reviews, it is 10A shore. It is more flexible than the average dildo listed as “flexible” by Tantus, and the matte silicone is somewhat squishy.

Design and Material

The Tantus Magma is constructed from body-safe silicone – it is available in two colors – a bright red and a black, but I purchased the Magma in black. The drips, which provide texture, are a glossy silicone. Underneath the drips is a softer matte silicone. Due to the soft matte silicone and the textured drips, I recommend a water-based lube. In addition, you should take care to clean the matte silicone and to clean around the drips. I would recommend using a soft toothbrush (or other soft brush) to clean the Magma.

Tantus Magma Drips

The design of the Magma is characterized by these drips, which are heavily textured. The Magma is angled, which is ideal for G-Spot (or prostate) stimulation. The Magma has a flared base that makes it anal-safe and harness-safe.

The heavy texture combined with the shape of the Magma was amazing. The head is bulbous but non-realistic, providing excellent G-spot stimulation.


The Magma is 6.4” in length and 5.5” in girth at the fullest point at the head (4.5” in girth near the base).

Does It Do What It Says?

Tantus says about the Magma:

“Magma is a fantasy dildo of molten silicone textured with drips. Perfect for G-Spot and P-Spot stimulation. Put in hot water for temperature play.”

I agree with the claims made by Tantus. The textured drips add to the G-spot stimulation that the bulbous head and the curved shape provide. When placed in warm water, the Magma holds heat well.

Should You Buy the Tantus Magma?

I think that the Tantus Magma is an excellent dildo. The design is beautiful and unique, and the drips and large head provide excellent G-spot stimulation.

I would recommend the Magma if you like:

  • Texture. The Magma’s drip texture is impossible to ignore, for better or for worse. I personally enjoy the texture, and it is great if you are a fan of texture.
  • Pronounced heads. The Magma has a large pronounced head. This is great for G-spot stimulation.
  • Fantasy dildos. While the Magma isn’t, the molten drips do provide an element of fantasy. In general, the design is not realistic, which is excellent if you are not a fan of realistiic dildos.
  • Affordable, high-quality dildos. The Magma is an excellent value at regular price, but is especially good at SheVibe (or during a Tantus sale).

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