CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit

Review: CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit

The CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit is a great kit to use for anal training and stretching. These plugs are made of silicone, have an appropriate size increase between plugs, and are a good value (I purchased the set at SheVibe for $26.99).

Personally, I have found that the size of the base is short enough that it is possible to use these plugs during intercourse – which is always a plus for me. When I look for butt plugs, I always wonder what the base (and other) measurements are, so I included those (and more) here.

Material and Design

The CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit contains three black, matte silicone butt plugs that increase in size. The plugs come in plastic blister packaging – nothing out of the ordinary or worth saving. Each plug has a flanged T-bar base, which allows them to be worn more comfortably than plugs with a round base. The have a moderately thick neck. A thick neck is easy to remove and better for stretching, but a narrow neck is more comfortable for extended wear. These plugs are moderately thick in girth and should stretch moderately well.

I personally chose the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit because the base was flanged, yet it did not seem long enough to affect vaginal penetration. While anogenital distance – the distance between anus and vagina – varies, I found this to be true for me upon use.

I measured the dimensions of the base, the neck, and the bulb of the three butt plugs.

Length and Girth Measurements

  • Small: 3″ insertable length x 1″ diameter (~3.3” in girth, 1.7” neck girth)
  • Medium: 3.5″ insertable length x 1.25″ diameter (~4” in girth, 2.1” neck girth)
  • Large: 4.25″ insertable length x 1.5″ diameter (~4.9” in girth, 2.4” neck girth)

The .25” increase in diameter between sizes is a good and appropriate increase for anal training and stretching.

While the entire base length of these plugs seems long, in reality, only what I am referring to as the “end” (less than half of the total length) matters when determining whether it can be used comfortably during vaginal sex. Below, I have included the measurements of each end. In one study, anogenital distance (between anus and vagina in this case) ranged between 1.08 and 1.9 inches, with a median of 1.46 inches. [1]

As shown in this image of the Medium CalExotics plug, the entire base does not occlude the vagina, so that should be taken into consideration if you are considering using this during vaginal sex.

CalExotics Anal Exerciser Medium Plug Base

Base measurements

  • Small: 1.75” in total base length, 0.5” end
  • Medium: 2.04: in total base length, 0.75” end
  • Large: 2.40” in total base length, 0.90” end

Ease of Use

Insertion is easy due to the tapered shape of the plugs, and removal is easy due to the moderately thick neck. Extended use would be more comfortable with a thinner neck, however, the neck is not too girthy. The size of the neck does mean that it is easier to involuntarily pop out these plugs than it would be with plugs with a thinner neck.

The plugs included in the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit are easy to clean with soap and water.

Does It Do What It Claims To?

CalExotics describes the kit as follows:

“This kinky kit includes a set of 3 graduated anal plugs let you safely and comfortably increase passionate anal stimulation.“

“While each increase of your training expands your horizons, use the convenient flanged base for steamy stimulation, effortless insertion and gentle removal.”

I agree with the claims made by CalExotics here. The plugs increase in diameter by .25”, which is an appropriate increase for anal training or stretching. The flanged base and relatively thick neck make these plugs easy to remove.

Should You Buy This?

I would recommend the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit to anyone who is new to (or returning to) anal play. The CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit is a good kit for someone who wants to try anal stretching or training. The value of the kit is good, as you get three plugs for under $30. In general, buying a good butt plug kit is going to be a better value than buying three or four individual butt plugs.

I like the length of the flanged base on these plugs, as it is short enough for me to still comfortably use the two smallest plugs during vaginal sex. That might not be the case for you, but I included the measurements of the base above for this reason. For me, it is a plus to be able to use these plugs during vaginal sex.

The CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit is a good kit for many people who are trying to bridge the gap between some anal play (fingering or a thin butt plug) and anal sex. The largest plug in this kit is 1.5” in diameter, and I measured its girth at 4.9”. The girth of the largest plug is close to the average girth of a penis, allowing this kit to be a gradual step to safe, enjoyable anal sex.

  • If you are a complete beginner, then there are kits available with smaller plugs. The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty is spaced out similarly to the CalExotics kit, but the smallest plug has a width of 0.75”.
  • If you are a beginner and you would like plugs that could almost certainly be used during vaginal sex, the Blush Luxe Beginner Set plugs have round bases. Like the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty set, the smallest plug has a width of 0.75”, and the spacing of the diameter/girth of the plugs is appropriate.
  • If you have more experience and would like to start with a plug larger than 1”, it would probably be better (but more expensive) to curate your own set of plugs for anal training.

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[1] María Pilar Mira-Escolano et al., “Anogenital Distance of Women in Relation to Their Mother’s Gynaecological Characteristics before or during Pregnancy,” Reproductive BioMedicine Online 28, no. 2 (2014),

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