Review: Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 Set

The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 set includes three plugs – a small, medium, and large butt plug. The width of the plugs are spaced out appropriately for anal training or stretching, with 0.25” increments in diameter between each plug. The packaging is relatively plain plastic packaging, so I would recommend storing the plugs elsewhere once you’ve opened the package.

Design and Material

Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Plugs

The plugs in the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 1 butt plug set are constructed from a firm silicone. The firmness of the silicone ensures that these plugs are easy to insert.

I purchased the set in black, but it is also available in pink and in a translucent color with rainbow specks throughout.


Measurements matter a lot to me when I am shopping for butt plugs, so I include them in depth here for those who also care.

The small plug is 3” long, with a diameter of 0.75” (girth of 2.75”), and neck girth of 1.25”. The medium plug is 5” long, with a diameter of 1” (girth of 3.25”), and neck girth of 1.4”. The large plug is 5” long, with a diameter of 1.25” (girth of 4”) and neck girth of 1.7”. The neck-to-bulb ratio of these plugs means that the neck is comfortable and easy to wear for an extended period of time.

The length of the base and half of the base (that can make vaginal penetration uncomfortable, if applicable to you) for each plug can matter. The small plug has a base length of 2.2” and the flexible end is ~0.75” long. The medium plug has a base length of 2.5” and the flexible end is ~1” long. The large plug has a base length of 3” and the flexible end is ~1.2” long.

Butt Plug Base

The base of the plugs is longer than average, but not very wide, which may be more comfortable for some.

The length of the base may also occlude the vagina, which means that these are not necessarily ideal for use during vaginal intercourse. This is a common problem with T-bar base plugs, though I found it was less of a problem with the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit bases.

Personally, the smallest plug was perfectly fine to be used during vaginal sex, but the length of the base of the other two plugs can pose challenges – depending on your anatomy.

The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plugs have a flexible base, and this has its pros and cons. The flexibility means that the base can mold to your body. On the other hand, it is slightly harder to remove than a plug that has a firmer base. On Reddit, I have seen several beginners worry about the plug being swallowed inside – while this is unlikely due to the difference in width between the base and the bulb, it could be something to take into consideration.


The necks of the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plugs are excellent – they are relatively thin, which allows them to be worn more comfortably for an extended period of time.

Personally, I did not like the thin flexible base. The thin base pressed into my butt cheeks, which was less comfortable than the average (wider, more substantial) base. This probably depends on your butt, however!

Ease of Cleaning

The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty plugs are easy to clean with soap and water, and they can safely be boiled to sanitize them. There are no hidden nooks or crannies, no imperfections, and no obvious seams to clean.

Does the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Butt Plug Set Work As It Claims?

Doc Johnson describes the plugs as follows:

“Measuring at 3, 4, and 5 inches, this set is perfectly shaped and sized to help backdoor beginners gently expand the boundaries of their anal experience. The classic tapered tip of Mood Naughty slides right in, and the firm yet flexible material and curved rocker base make these plugs comfortable and safe for extended wear. “

The measurements provided by Doc Johnson are correct. The shape is a classic and ideal shape for a butt plug, and the small diameters are perfect for beginners to anal play. I agree with Doc Johnson’s claims – these plugs live up to the manufacturer’s claims.

Should You Buy This?

The Doc Johnson Mood Naughty set is one of the best butt plug sets around. The spacing between each plug is appropriate, with spacing of 0.25” between each plug. This alone puts it above most anal training/butt plug sets.

The value is excellent. I purchased the set from SheVibe for $24.99. In comparison, a single large Mood Naughty butt plug normally costs $21.99 at SheVibe ($24.99 MSRP). in addition, the price of $24.99 is on the low end of most anal trainer and butt plug sets.

I definitely recommend the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty set if you are a beginner. Due to the widths of the plugs – ranging in width from 0.75” – 1.25” – these are excellent plugs if you don’t have previous experience with anal plugs. The flip side of that is that if you are a little experienced, I might recommend another set like the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit.

If you are inexperienced and are merely concerned with how small the large plugs are, there is an additional Mood Naughty plug available in Extra Large (1.5” in width).

If you are concerned about the base of the plugs, check out the CalExotics Anal Exerciser Kit – I also highly recommend it (and prefer it slightly).

If you are looking for prostate stimulation, and not really sure that you want an entire set of plugs, the Mood Naughty 2 plugs are designed to provide prostate stimulation.

If you are looking for a softer/squishier plug, I would recommend Oxballs Ergo in XS.

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