Liberator Zappa Bag

Review: Liberator Zappa Sex Toy Bag

This will be a fairly short review given that the Zappa is a toy storage bag, but it is a bag that I believe is a good choice and a good value.

Design and Material

The Liberator Zappa bag is constructed from a moisture-resistant microsuede exterior and a water-resistant nylon interior. The outside feels like velvet. At least initially, the outside of the bag left some fuzzy bits behind on plastic surfaces. In general, however, the bag feels very high-quality. Personally, I store my Zappa inside of a larger storage box, but I can also use it easily for travel or leave it out in the open without any issues.

There are two zippers at the top of the Liberator Zappa bag, which ensures that you can lock the bag if you need discretion.

Liberator Zappa Bag

I purchased the Liberator Zappa in chocolate, which has a medium brown exterior and black interior.

How Much Does The Liberator Zappa Fit?

The Zappa is large, and at 13.5” x 11” can fit quite a few toys inside. From the picture, you may not imagine how much can fit inside, but the inside is spacious.

Liberator Zappa Bag

I can fit any of the following sets of items into the Zappa:

  • approximately 5-6 dildos (all 6”+ in length, and average to large girth) at the same time and still have room for smaller toys
  • many butt plugs
  • many smaller vibrators

Does It Do What It Says?

Liberator touts the Zappa’s 13.5” x 11” size, its double zipper and ability to be locked, and its ability to hold “a wide variety of toys and accessories, including a Smart Wand”. All of these claims are supported – though I do not currently have a wand to test that exact claim.

Should You Buy the Liberator Zappa bag?

I highly recommend the Liberator Zappa. The Liberator Zappa is:

  • constructed from a high-quality material both inside and out
  • spacious and can fit many toys
  • able to be locked – and thus good for those who need discreet toy storage
  • water-resistant
  • a good value

I purchased the Liberator Zappa for $14 at SheVibe; spending $14 on a bag might not seem like a good value at first glance, but it can be used to store many toys discreetly. It is also higher quality than most bags that are not explicitly made for sex toy storage. I wholeheartedly recommend the Liberator Zappa because of the combination of quality and storage space.

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