Uberrime Dr. Manhattan - Glowing in the Dark

Review: Uberrime Dr. Manhattan

I always loved things that glow in the dark – glow-in-the-dark stars, glow-in-the-dark paint, glow-in-the-dark shoes – and I still do. When I saw that the Uberrime Dr. Manhattan glowed in the dark, I had to have it. When I bought the Dr. Manhattan, I was trying to decide between different A-spot dildos made by Uberrime – the Night King, A-Spot Avengers, and the Aqua-King.

I ordered the Dr. Manhattan from SheVibe. The package from SheVibe was discreet. The Dr. Manhattan packaging was minimalist: it was packaged inside of a simple plastic bag. This bag was could be reused for storage, or you could fit the Dr. Manhattan inside of a cloth bag (or even a zip-top gallon bag). Inside was an information sheet (with a handwritten thank you), an Uberrime sticker, and the Dr. Manhattan itself.

Dr. Manhattan Resembles Its Namesake

Previous versions of the Dr. Manhattan appeared to be a different blue color with silver swirls, but the version that I purchased from SheVibe in 2020 is different. The version reviewed here is closer to blue of the superhero Dr. Manhattan.

The Dr. Manhattan is an electric blue color, with subtle shimmer throughout the length of the dildo.

Uberrime Dr. Manhattan - texture

When the Dr. Manhattan glows, it glows a bright blue color. In order to attain a bright blue glow, you should make sure the Dr. Manhattan is exposed to bright light beforehand.

Uberrime Dr. Manhattan - Glowing in the Dark

While the glow isn’t a necessary feature outside of enhanced Watchmen accuracy, it is fun to play with.

Material and Design

The Uberrime Dr. Manhattan is constructed from soft (5A) shore silicone. It is soft, slightly squishy, and easy to bend. While the Dr. Manhattan can stay upright, it does flop over. The base of the Dr. Manhattan ensures that it is anal-safe and harness-compatible. While the base is not a suction base, I do find that there is some natural suction to the base, and it easily sticks to level surfaces.

The Dr. Manhattan is long – 8.5” of insertable length – and fairly thick at 5” in circumference. The head is squishy and thicker than the shaft, at 5.9” in girth. Loose texture runs along the shaft of the Dr. Manhattan. The texture is not veiny and is more akin to the type of texture on a fantasy dildo, but it is somewhat similar to thick veins. Even if you don’t like texture, the soft material and loose texture might be tolerable or even enjoyable. The head has a realistic shape with a shallow slit on the top.

The material is soft and smooth, but not sticky. I would still recommend storing it in a bag or enclosed container, as it will still collect dust, hair, etc.

Should You Buy This?

I recommend the Dr. Manhattan if you want a long, fairly thick dildo that is anal-safe and harness-compatible.

If you like the appearance of fantasy dildos, but want some elements of realism, the Dr. Manhattan would be a great choice.

I bought the Dr. Manhattan for A-spot stimulation, but the A-spot stimulation wasn’t amazing for me. Fortunately, the soft, squishy texture means that there is no painful cervix bumping, but I did have to aim the Dr. Manhattan just right to achieve A-spot orgasms. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

The length also makes the Dr. Manhattan excellent for practicing giving deepthroating. The head is fairly realistic and while the Dr. Manhattan is soft, it still mostly holds its form.

At 8.5” of insertable length, the Dr. Manhattan might not be ideal if you don’t need the length.

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