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Review: Tantus Tsunami

The Tantus Tsunami is a G-spot dildo with a beautiful and unique design. The Tsunami is curved, with wave after wave providing texture to stimulate your G-spot. It is currently my go-to toy when I want to experience amazing G-spot orgasms.

Design and Material

When I first saw the Tantus Tsunami online, it looked intimidating. I imagined that the material would feel rigid and hard, and I thought it might be painful and sharp. Fortunately, my fears were unfounded. While Tantus has relatively firm silicone, the Tsunami is flexible despite its firmness. I am, for example, able to bend the Tsunami nearly in half.

I own the Tsunami in purple haze, which is a medium purple color. The Tsunami is constructed from Tantus’s relatively firm silicone, yet it is still slightly flexible. The Tsunami is defined by the multiple waves that are along its shaft. The waves are relatively loose – not tightly spaced – but it is excellent if you like texture.

The Tsunami has a flared base, making it anal-safe and harness-compatible. At the base of the Tsunami, there is a cavity that holds the included bullet. The bullet is buzzy and weak, so I don’t use it. Another small bullet vibrator can be used in place of the included bullet. Personally, I have been able to fit something as (relatively) wide as the We-Vibe Moxie. The cavity also is compatible with the Tantus suction cup.

Tantus Tsunami Bullet Cavity

The Tsunami is above average length at 6.75” in length. It is tapered and increases in girth. Tantus lists the Tsunami at 1.5” in diameter, but I measured the larger wave at 1.75”. The first (and smallest) wave measures 4.5” in circumference, while the largest wave measures in around 5.5” in circumference. The Tsunami is curved, including a curved tip which provides excellent G-spot and A-spot stimulation. The tip is just squishy enough for me to avoid painful cervix bumping.

Ease of Use

The Tsunami’s girth may be challenging if you are not used to girthier toys, but it is possible to use the Tsunami for G-spot stimulation without using the entire length of the toy. Personally, I need to be fairly stimulated in order to fit the Tsunami in its entirety. Even when only using the first wave or two, the Tsunami still provides amazing G-spot orgasms. If you can use the entire length of the Tsunami, it has potential for providing amazing A-spot stimulation.

Using a vibrator in the bullet cavity results in strong clitoral and blended orgasms. Due to the combination of the curve and girth, I usually don’t use the Tsunami for deep thrusts, but instead for slower thrusting and grinding.

The Tantus Tsunami is easy to clean in spite of the texture. There is a Tantus logo at the base of the toy that can catch soap or grime in it, but other than that, the glossy texture of the dildo itself results in an easy cleaning process. The Tsunami can be cleaned with soap and water, boiled, or cleaned in an empty dishwasher.

Does It Do What It Claims To?

Tantus says:

“Tsunami features a series of waves along the shaft, designed to stimulate the G-spot during thrusting. Perfect for both advanced users and those new to G-spot play, the crests provide anatomically targeted pressure and a torrent of sensation.”

The waves are amazing at stimulating my G-spot, and I would say that this would be true even if you have yet to locate your own G-spot. It does more than Tantus claims, for me, as it also stimulates my A-spot.

Who is This Good For?

The Tantus Tsunami is my go-to toy for G-spot stimulation. At the same time, it might be too girthy for some, and the texture could be unwanted. I recommend the Tsunami for…

  • Those who like textured toys. Even if you don’t love texture, you could still like this toy, as the waves are spaced out.
  • Those who want to try textured toys. There are different types of texture, including natural, veiny textures, but this is more akin to fantasy dildos. If you have no experience with texture, or would like to try a looser texture, this may be an excellent choice.
  • Those who like G-spot stimulation (or want to try it). The waves on the Tantus Tsunami are truly the best G-spot stimulation I have ever felt (and the easiest to achieve).

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