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Review: We-Vibe Touch

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The We-Vibe Touch is a strong, rumbly vibrator that provides pinpoint clitoral stimulation. The next generation We-Vibe Touch has now been released, but the current generation We-Vibe Touch is currently discounted at several retailers.

Design and Material

The We-Vibe Touch is a strong, rumbly vibrator made of soft silicone. The Touch is about 4” long and nearly 2” wide, with an ergonomic shape that fits well in my hand. The tip of the Touch is scooped out, which allows it to fit well around the clitoris, or even to provide broader stimulation distributed throughout the labia (and stimulating the internal clitoris). The head is slightly flexible and all silicone. Compared to the Lelo Siri (which I also love), the head can be slightly flexed due to the silicone material.

As shown below, the We-Vibe Touch (right) has a contoured, scooped out tip.

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure, Lelo Siri 2, We-Vibe Touch

The We-Vibe Touch is 100% waterproof and easy to clean.

Ease of Use

The Touch is controlled by a single button at the base. To turn the Touch on, you press firmly on this control button. To change the vibration setting, you press briefly on the control button.

To turn the Touch off, you can either cycle through each vibration setting, or firmly press the control button down for a couple seconds.

I am sometimes overstimulated by direct clitoral stimulation, particularly pinpoint vibrations. The We-vibe Touch was overwhelming for me to use at first, but now I am used to the powerful vibrations. The We-Vibe Touch and the Lelo Siri are both powerful and rumbly, but the vibrations feel different. The Siri feels more spread out due to the wider head, while the We-Vibe Touch provides more pinpoint clitoral stimulation.

When I first started using the Touch, I had to get used to the strength of the vibrations. Even at the lowest levels the vibrations are strong and rumbly.

The We-Vibe Touch has four vibration levels – low, medium, high, and ultra. In addition, there are patterns included – pulse, wave, cha cha, tease, and ultra. I tend not to use the patterns, but this is true for me of most vibrators.

Charging and Battery Issues

The We-Vibe Touch charges using an included magnetic pin to USB charger. The charging pin Is annoying because the connection is very weak. It is extremely easy to knock the charger off of the We-Vibe Touch. The We-Vibe Moxie has a much stronger magnetic charging connection, and I am hopeful that the new We-Vibe Touch (X) will be similarly strong,

The charging magnets are weak compared to those of other toys, including We-Vibe’s newer toys. I am hopeful that the new We-Vibe Touch X will be similarly strong, Since the magnets connect to the end of the toy, while charging, the cord often falls off. A slight rustling may result in the cord falling off.

When charging, there is a blinking orange-yellow light. When the vibrator is low on power, the base of the toy (where the charging magnets are) blinks orange. The We-Vibe Touch provides 60 minutes of use, but up to 120 minutes of use on low levels. It takes 90 minutes to charge.

I experienced issues with the battery of the We-Vibe Touch after months of use. In addition to this, there have been battery issues reported by bloggers, so it appears to be a common issue. The We-Vibe Touch does come with a 2-year warranty, so this may

Does it live up to the manufacturer’s claims?

From the We-Vibe Touch manual:

“Silky-soft and sensual Touch by We-Vibe gently rocks your world with a slow build to a deep and satisfying sensation. Its sculpted shape is designed to be held in your hand. The rounded tip targets your external pleasure points, while the gentle contours hug and stimulate erogenous zones all over your body.“

I agree with the claims made by We-Vibe here. The shape of the Touch makes it excellent to hold. The rounded tip fits well around your clitoris (or other areas, like nipples). 

Who would this be good for?

I think this is an all-around excellent clitoral vibrator. I recommend this for anyone who wants strong, rumbly clitoral vibrations. The charging connection and battery issues were annoying, but the discounted price makes it more attractive.

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  1. Mark says:

    Hello. I was considering buying this for my wife. Do you know if this is as good as the new We-Vibe Touch 2/X? Is it better to buy this model on sale?

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