Review: We-Vibe Touch X

When I first turned on the new We-Vibe Touch X, I wasn’t sure if there was something wrong. Was it defective? It sounded and felt different, yet still powerful. The new We-Vibe Touch X is noticeably slower and deeper than the We-Vibe Touch.

Packaging and What is Included in the Box

The We-Vibe Touch X comes inside of a beautifully designed box, much like other We-Vibe toys. Included inside the box is the charging cord, a small sample packet of pjur lube, two manuals, and a silky white bag. I love the bags included with We-Vibe items, as they are very high-quality and worth using. I find the bag to be a useful way to store the We-Vibe Touch X, but I can fit two or three similarly sized toys in this bag.

We-Vibe Touch Package Contents

Design and Material

The We-Vibe Touch X is constructed from a silky-smooth silicone. It is somewhat soft, and it is squishy around the “head” of the vibrator. It is slightly squishy all around if you squeeze, but it doesn’t feel particularly squishy otherwise.

We-Vibe Touch X

The deep blue-green of the Green Velvet option is absolutely beautiful. I personally like the purple color of the We-Vibe Touch, but toys made from unique color options do stand out (or blend in, as they can be more discreet). Essentially, it doesn’t look like most vibrators. The Green Velvet color adds a luxury feel to it. The Crave Coral option also looks beautiful and vibrant, while the green is more subdued.


The controls of the We-Vibe Touch X are well-designed, with separate, defined buttons to increase vibration (+), decrease vibration (-), and adjust patterns (~). This is an ideal configuration, in my mind. This means that you don’t accidentally change the setting, and it also means that you don’t need to cycle through the Pulse and Cha-Cha patterns – unless you want to.

We-Vibe Touch X Controls

With the We-Vibe Touch X, you can easily increase and decrease vibrations. Not only are the controls improved, but there are more vibration levels to choose from. This means that you can go slightly higher or lower.

Another amazing thing about the We-Vibe Touch X is the inclusion of a travel lock feature. This means that you can put the We-Vibe Touch X in your bag without being concerned that you’ll be surprised by an awkwardly timed vibrating bag, or just a dead battery upon arrival.

The Vibrations Feel Slow and Rumbly

I can’t say that I have ever experienced a vibration like the We-Vibe Touch X. I don’t know if it is a better or rumblier vibration, but it is different. The motor is slower and sounds different than the We-Vibe Touch. Nevertheless, it does feel good.

Ease of Use

The We-Vibe Touch X can be used for pinpoint or broader clitoral stimulation. It is a lay-on clitoral vibrator, so it can provide stimulation to the entire vulva. Although it is a clitoral vibrator, it can also be used for other external stimulation – for example, on nipples. The curved scoop shape of the tip of the vibrator is ideal for any rounded or curved area on your body.


As noted in my comparison between the We-Vibe Touch and We-Vibe Touch X [LINK], the We-Vibe Touch X has a Lithium ion battery. This is a good sign and may prevent battery issues that were experienced with the We-Vibe Touch. The battery on the We-Vibe Touch X lasts up to two hours, but I have found that it lasts around one hour on higher vibration levels.


The We-Vibe Touch X charges using an included magnetic USB charging cord. The metallic magnetic We-Vibe Touch X charging contacts are more like those on newer We-Vibe vibrators. This new charging style attaches securely, and you can be fully assured that it will be stay attached. This is a great improvement from the We-Vibe Touch, which had a more precarious charging connection. The We-Vibe Touch X charges fully in 90 minutes, which is a fairly quick charging time.

We-Vibe Touch X Charging Contacts

Does the We-Vibe Touch X Live Up To Its Claims?

We-Vibe says:

“The smoothest vibrator – perfect for releasing body tension, head-to-toe body massages and teasing and pleasing your erogenous zones.​”

I agree that the vibrator is smooth, and the scoop shape is excellent to use around your body, though I would most recommend it for clitoral use.

We-Vibe also touts that the We-Vibe Touch X is waterproof (IPX7) and whisper quiet. The We-Vibe Touch X is certainly waterproof, and it is fairly quiet even on higher settings. At the same time, I wouldn’t say that it is whisper quiet on the highest levels. If someone else were in the room with you, it would be heard, but the sounded is dampened by blankets. It is louder than white noise, but not as loud as a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer. On the lowest levels, I truly agree that it is almost imperceptible.

Should You Buy The We-Vibe Touch X?

If the We-Vibe Touch is still available on clearance, you may consider picking that up at a lower price. If that interests you, check out my comparison [LINK] between the We-Vibe Touch and the We-Vibe Touch X.

  • Do you like strong, rumbly vibrations?
  • Are you looking for an external vibrator?
  • Would you prefer a vibrator with the potential for broader stimulation?

If so, I highly recommend the We-Vibe Touch X. We-Vibe has improved upon the We-Vibe Touch controls, charging, and battery issues and created a stunning vibrator.

If you prefer a targeted pinpoint vibration, or prefer a bullet form factor, the We-Vibe Tango X is a great alternative.

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