Comparison: We-Vibe Touch vs. We-Vibe Touch X

The We-Vibe Touch X was recently released, and this means that the We-Vibe Touch is on clearance at several retailers – and it is selling fast.

Although I have yet to write a full review of the We-Vibe Touch X, I wanted to write up a quick comparison between the We-Vibe Touch and the new We-Vibe Touch X. Hopefully this comparison can help you decide whether you should pick up the current We-Vibe Touch model while it is still on clearance – or if you should spend a little more for the We-Vibe Touch X. Or if you have tried the We-Vibe Touch in the past, this comparison could help you decide if you would enjoy the We-Vibe Touch X.

Shape and Material

The “head” of the scoop shape of the We-Vibe Touch X is squishier than that of the We-Vibe Touch. I’m not sure how much this matters in practice for most people, but it is softer and has more give. The scoop shape itself is the same, and is excellent for broader or pinpoint stimulation.

Both the We-Vibe Touch and the We-Vibe Touch are made from body-safe silicone. They are almost exactly the same size, though the We-Vibe Touch X is slightly larger (with only millimeters of difference).

Winner: Tie. Both the original We-Vibe Touch and the We-Vibe Touch X have a scoop shape and are constructed from body-safe silicone.

Color Options

The We-Vibe Touch is available in a dark purple, while the We-Vibe Touch X is available in a beautiful dark green and a coral color. Both of these options are aesthetically appealing to me, but I also appreciate the choice of colors in the We-Vibe Touch X.

I personally like purple, but it is such a common sex toy colors – the coral and dark green are uncommon, which is appealing to me. Ultimately, this is a matter of preference, and some people may prefer the purple.

Winner: Tie. We-Vibe Touch X has more color options, but it is a matter of preference.


The vibration on the We-Vibe Touch X is strong, but it is much slower and deeper than the We-Vibe Touch.

I like the We-Vibe Touch vibration, but the We-Vibe Touch X vibration is different than similar vibrators that I have tried. It is like a slow purring noise when compared to the We-Vibe Touch.

Winner: Tie.


One of my least favorite parts of the We-Vibe Touch is the charging port. While both the old and new models attach magnetically, the We-Vibe Touch charger attaches in such a precarious way. If I slightly move the We-Vibe Touch charger, the cord might fall off. This is annoying, but especially if you intend to leave the toy to charge alone or overnight. The charging cord lights up with a solid bright orange while charging, while the new We-Vibe Touch X lights up with a slowly blinking blue light while charging.

The We-Vibe Touch X charging contacts are more like those on newer We-Vibe vibrators. This new charging style attaches securely, and you can be assured that it will stay attached.

Winner: We-Vibe Touch X


The new We-Vibe Touch X uses a lithium ion battery. There is conflicting information on the We-Vibe Touch website (and I will update this when this is confirmed), but previous iterations of the We-Vibe Touch used Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium polymer batteries.

Lithium ion and Lithium polymer batteries are both great options, but in general, Lithium polymer batteries have less longevity than Lithium ion batteries. I am hopeful that the change to Lithium ion will result in fewer finicky battery issues with the We-Vibe Touch and Tango models.

Winner: TBD, but probably We-Vibe Touch X


The We-Vibe Touch controls are not ideal – there is one button used to control it. To turn the We-Vibe Touch on and off, to adjust all power levels and speeds, you use just one button.

The We-Vibe Touch X has much better controls. It has separate controls for increasing the vibration strength. Between these two buttons, it also has a control for the patterns. This means that on the We-Vibe Touch X, you won’t be cycling through the Cha-Cha or Pulse patterns – unless you want to. There are also more levels, which means that you can choose a slightly more intense setting, which is great if you are sensitive to strong vibrations.

We-Vibe Touch X vs. We-Vibe Touch Controls Comparison

The We-Vibe Touch X also includes a charging lock, which is my second least favorite part of the We-Vibe Touch. I am happy that We-Vibe fixed these issues with the previous model.

Winner: We-Vibe Touch X

Which model should you buy?

Overall, I think that the We-Vibe Touch X is worth the extra $30 or so in cost.

The We-Vibe Touch – in my mind – has two flaws that are limiting: the charging connection and the lack of a travel lock. The We-Vibe Touch X removes both of these flaws.

An additional issue that has plagued the We-Vibe Touch (and Tango) models that may be solved with the newer models is the new battery type. While this remains to be seen, essentially all of the flaws with the We-Vibe Touch may be solved.

On the other hand, I believe that the We-Vibe Touch is still an excellent vibrator, especially at its current price.

We-Vibe Touch vs. We-Vibe Touch X Comparison

Where to Purchase the We-Vibe Touch (on clearance)

Where to Purchase the We-Vibe Touch X

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