Vixen VixSkin Outlaw

Review: Vixen VixSkin Outlaw Dildo

The Vixen Outlaw is big. While not the largest or thickest dildo out there (even among Vixen’s own Vixskin line), the Outlaw is a long, girthy toy. If you consider yourself a size queen, this might be the toy for you! It is much larger and thicker than the average penis.

Material and Design

The Vixen Outlaw is constructed from Vixen Vixskin silicone, a proprietary platinum-grade silicone. This silicone is part of what makes Vixen’s dual-density line so squishy and comfortable.

Vixen VixSkin Outlaw

The Vixen Outlaw has a lot of realistic texture, particularly around the head. While the shape of the balls are realistic, there is also texture around the flat balls at the base. The texture is realistic, but it is not hard or likely to be uncomfortable, even if you don’t care for textured dildos.

The surface of the silicone is slightly sticky, and it easily attracts lint and hair. In fact, Vixen Vixskin silicone is an exception to the rule that silicone can be stored with other silicone. Vixen actually recommends storing its Vixskin dildos separately from others. The Vixen Outlaw may attract lint and hair easily, but it is also easy to clean with soap and water.

The Vixen Outlaw is BIG

The Vixen Outlaw is a long, girthy dildo with flattened balls at the base. It is anal safe due to the balls at the base.

I cannot emphasize the size enough, because it is girthy and long.

The average penis is 5.88” in length and 4.97” in girth according to a 2001 Lifestyles study (where penises were not self-measured). The Vixen Vixskin is 8.75” in insertable length (9.25” in total length) and 2” in diameter – 6.5” in girth at the head, and 6” throughout the length of the shaft. Using the data from the Lifestyles study, the Vixen Outlaw would be at about the 99th percentile for girth and above the 99th percentile for length.

While the dual-density is squishy and comparable to an actual penis, it is still more difficult to take than a penis of comparable of girth, in my opinion. You should take this into consideration when purchasing not just the Vixen Vixskin dildos, but virtually any dual-density toy. While the dual-density is squishier, has “give”, and is not as firm as an ordinary dildo, it is still less squishy than an erect penis.

Does the Vixen Outlaw Work as Vixen Claims?

Vixen claims that the Outlaw “looks and feels like authentic skin”. I would agree that it is very close to feeling like skin, as it is soft and squishy.

Vixen also notes that it “warms and retains body heat”, has a “non-slip base for use with harness”, and a “solid inner core for functional use”. Vixen does warm and retain body heat during use, and its solid inner core makes it stay “erect” and allows it to be thrust and stay stiff. While I have not used it with a harness, the base is non-slip.

Vixen also has a warranty, which is somewhat unique for dildos, further reinforcing its claim that it “does not break down or degrade.”

In general, it does exactly what Vixen says.

Should you buy this?

Are you a size queen? Are you interested in trying a large, realistic dildo? You might want this. The material is squishy and absolutely amazing to feel.

While Vixen Vixskin toys are expensive, they are dual-density and made from a high-quality silicone. If the Outlaw sounds too long or girthy for you – or if you need G-spot stimulation –  there are other Vixen Vixskin toys that you might enjoy.

If you want G-spot stimulation, you might look towards another toy. Among Vixen’s Vixskin line, there are several toys that might meet your needs. The Slim is 8” long and 1.5” in diameter and has a marked curve for G-spot stimulation. The Ranger is 6.5” long and 1.9” in diameter and also has a moderately strong curve for G-spot stimulation.

If you don’t need this much length, but want something similarly girthy, you could try the Johnny (7” in length, 1.9” in diameter), Lonestar (6.75” in length, 1.9” in diameter), or Buck (6” in length, 1.9” in diameter).

If you don’t need this much girth, you could try the Bandit (7.75” length, 1.67” in diameter).

If you want something girthier, Vixen Randy is girthier at 2.22” in diameter, but it has less length – 6.5”.

If you want something girthier and longer, Vixen Gambler is absolutely giant at 10.5” in length and 2.875” in diameter (8” in girth).

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