Review: LELO SIRI 2 Vibrator

The LELO SIRI 2 is an excellent vibrator with strong, rumbly vibrations. The controls are excellent and the shape is good for both broad and pinpoint clitoral stimulation.


Design and Material

The LELO SIRI 2 is constructed from body-safe materials – ABS plastic and silicone. The controls are contained within the ABS plastic side of the SIRI 2, while the half used for stimulation is covered in silicone. The LELO SIRI 2 is curved and fits well in my hand and on my body.

The LELO SIRI 2 charges using a pin-to-USB charging cord (included) which can be used with any USB outlet.

The LELO SIRI 2 is waterproof. The LELO SIRI 2 is fairly easy to clean, but the area where the silicone and the ABS plastic meets can collect dust, dirt, or fluids. The buttons can also get grimy over time. I have owned a few different LELO SIRI and SIRI 2 vibrators over the past decade, and that is what I experienced over time. For this reason, I highly recommend 1) cleaning the SIRI after use and 2) storing the LELO SIRI 2 in a small bag (like the included storage pouch) or container to keep it in good shape.

LELO includes a 1-year warranty and a 10-year guarantee (a 50% off discount within 10 years).

Ease of Use

When holding the SIRI 2, the plastic end can provide targeted clitoral stimulation. The contour of the SIRI 2 allows me to comfortably place it over my labia and clitoris for broader stimulation, which works well when I’m warming up – or between orgasms. The controls are separate for speed and patterns, and there is an individual button for increasing and decreasing the power. This is especially beneficial if you want to have multiple orgasms.

While the LELO SIRI 2 is intended for clitoral stimulation, it could also be used for other external stimulation – e.g. to stimulate nipples.

Along with the We-Vibe Touch, the SIRI 2 is my go-vibrator for an orgasm. If I am short on time, I can almost guarantee an orgasm within a few minutes of use.


There are two buttons for increasing and decreasing speed and two buttons for changing patterns. Holding down the speed controls also turns on the travel lock.

Does It Do What LELO Claims?

LELO claims that it has “LELO’s strongest vibrations ever for a handheld clitoral vibrator”. Having tried several handheld LELO vibrators, I prefer the SIRI 2 above all other LELO vibrators. I believe that claims made by LELO regarding the strength are accurate.

LELO touts the SIRI 2 music features, but I did not find these to be useful or pleasurable.

Should You Buy This?

I love the LELO SIRI 2. The shape, the controls, the rumbly vibration, and the travel lock all make it worthwhile for me. The SIRI 2 has eight vibration levels, and all are rumbly and satisfying. The LELO SIRI 2 is one of the best vibrators I have ever tried. If you are looking for a clitoral vibrator, you should consider the SIRI 2.

The LELO SIRI 2 is more expensive than the We-Vibe Touch X, which has a similar form factor. I personally prefer the SIRI 2 to the We-Vibe Touch X because of the shape, but both are excellent vibrators.

Where to Buy


Comparison: We-Vibe Touch vs. We-Vibe Touch X

The We-Vibe Touch X was recently released, and this means that the We-Vibe Touch is on clearance at several retailers – and it is selling fast.

Although I have yet to write a full review of the We-Vibe Touch X, I wanted to write up a quick comparison between the We-Vibe Touch and the new We-Vibe Touch X. Hopefully this comparison can help you decide whether you should pick up the current We-Vibe Touch model while it is still on clearance – or if you should spend a little more for the We-Vibe Touch X. Or if you have tried the We-Vibe Touch in the past, this comparison could help you decide if you would enjoy the We-Vibe Touch X.

Shape and Material

The “head” of the scoop shape of the We-Vibe Touch X is squishier than that of the We-Vibe Touch. I’m not sure how much this matters in practice for most people, but it is softer and has more give. The scoop shape itself is the same, and is excellent for broader or pinpoint stimulation.

Both the We-Vibe Touch and the We-Vibe Touch are made from body-safe silicone. They are almost exactly the same size, though the We-Vibe Touch X is slightly larger (with only millimeters of difference).

Winner: Tie. Both the original We-Vibe Touch and the We-Vibe Touch X have a scoop shape and are constructed from body-safe silicone.

Color Options

The We-Vibe Touch is available in a dark purple, while the We-Vibe Touch X is available in a beautiful dark green and a coral color. Both of these options are aesthetically appealing to me, but I also appreciate the choice of colors in the We-Vibe Touch X.

I personally like purple, but it is such a common sex toy colors – the coral and dark green are uncommon, which is appealing to me. Ultimately, this is a matter of preference, and some people may prefer the purple.

Winner: Tie. We-Vibe Touch X has more color options, but it is a matter of preference.


The vibration on the We-Vibe Touch X is strong, but it is much slower and deeper than the We-Vibe Touch.

I like the We-Vibe Touch vibration, but the We-Vibe Touch X vibration is different than similar vibrators that I have tried. It is like a slow purring noise when compared to the We-Vibe Touch.

Winner: Tie.


One of my least favorite parts of the We-Vibe Touch is the charging port. While both the old and new models attach magnetically, the We-Vibe Touch charger attaches in such a precarious way. If I slightly move the We-Vibe Touch charger, the cord might fall off. This is annoying, but especially if you intend to leave the toy to charge alone or overnight. The charging cord lights up with a solid bright orange while charging, while the new We-Vibe Touch X lights up with a slowly blinking blue light while charging.

The We-Vibe Touch X charging contacts are more like those on newer We-Vibe vibrators. This new charging style attaches securely, and you can be assured that it will stay attached.

Winner: We-Vibe Touch X


The new We-Vibe Touch X uses a lithium ion battery. There is conflicting information on the We-Vibe Touch website (and I will update this when this is confirmed), but previous iterations of the We-Vibe Touch used Nickel Metal Hydride and Lithium polymer batteries.

Lithium ion and Lithium polymer batteries are both great options, but in general, Lithium polymer batteries have less longevity than Lithium ion batteries. I am hopeful that the change to Lithium ion will result in fewer finicky battery issues with the We-Vibe Touch and Tango models.

Winner: TBD, but probably We-Vibe Touch X


The We-Vibe Touch controls are not ideal – there is one button used to control it. To turn the We-Vibe Touch on and off, to adjust all power levels and speeds, you use just one button.

The We-Vibe Touch X has much better controls. It has separate controls for increasing the vibration strength. Between these two buttons, it also has a control for the patterns. This means that on the We-Vibe Touch X, you won’t be cycling through the Cha-Cha or Pulse patterns – unless you want to. There are also more levels, which means that you can choose a slightly more intense setting, which is great if you are sensitive to strong vibrations.

We-Vibe Touch X vs. We-Vibe Touch Controls Comparison

The We-Vibe Touch X also includes a charging lock, which is my second least favorite part of the We-Vibe Touch. I am happy that We-Vibe fixed these issues with the previous model.

Winner: We-Vibe Touch X

Which model should you buy?

Overall, I think that the We-Vibe Touch X is worth the extra $30 or so in cost.

The We-Vibe Touch – in my mind – has two flaws that are limiting: the charging connection and the lack of a travel lock. The We-Vibe Touch X removes both of these flaws.

An additional issue that has plagued the We-Vibe Touch (and Tango) models that may be solved with the newer models is the new battery type. While this remains to be seen, essentially all of the flaws with the We-Vibe Touch may be solved.

On the other hand, I believe that the We-Vibe Touch is still an excellent vibrator, especially at its current price.

We-Vibe Touch vs. We-Vibe Touch X Comparison

Where to Purchase the We-Vibe Touch (on clearance)

Where to Purchase the We-Vibe Touch X

Review: Lovehoney Dream Rabbit Vibrator

Rabbit vibrators can br controversial. A lot of bloggers are not a fan of them (or reviewing them). I can understand why – it is difficult to say whether their particular dimensions will work for any individual person. I like rabbit and other dual-stimulation vibrators, but with most rabbit vibrators, it is difficult to know if it will work for you to its fullest potential. This is because of the length of the rabbit arm and individual variations between clitoral-vaginal distance. Nevertheless, many people enjoy them, so I decided to write a detailed review of the Lovehoney Dream Rabbit vibrator.

Material and Design

The Lovehoney Dream Rabbit has a classic rabbit vibrator design, with a shaft and bunny ears. The shaft has rotating beads to provide internal stimulation, while the bunny ears are intended for clitoral stimulation.

Lovehoney Dream Rabbit

The shaft and ears of the Lovehoney Dream Rabbit are constructed from purple silicone. The rabbit ears are constructed from a soft and flexible silicone. Measuring the rabbit ear arm along the outside of the curve, it is 3.5″ – the arm itself extends about 2″ from the shaft – it is fairly flexible, and there is a vibration and fluttery motion from the ears when vibration is turned on.

The base of the Dream Rabbit, containing the control panel, is constructed from (an unidentified) plastic. The length of the entire Lovehoney Dream Rabbit is 10”, while the insertable shaft is 5.5” long. I measured the head of the rabbit at 4.5” in girth, the shaft above the beads at 4”, the rotating beads at 5.5” long, and the shaft below the beads at 5” in girth. The beads in particular are above average in girth.

The shaft is straight, firm, and has a semi-realistic head. The head is slightly tilted for G-spot stimulation. The shaft is mostly devoid of any texture, but there are some small bumps between the head and the rotating bead section of the shaft. These bumps don’t add anything for me, but they also don’t detract from the experience.

The Dream Rabbit vibrator charges with an included pin-to-USB charging cable.

Ease of Use

The ears of the Lovehoney Dream Rabbit have three speeds and seven patterns, while the rotating beads have three rotation functions.

I highly recommend using a water-based lube with this vibrator, particularly if you are going to use the rotation functions. This is especially true if you are accustomed to thin, less girthy toys. The rotation of the metal beads makes the toy more challenging than I expected.


The buttons are not the easiest or most intuitive to use, but you can feel them without looking at them during use.

The bottom-most button controls the vibration – you turn on the vibration and control its settings using this button. It is the only button to control the vibration settings, which means that you have to press the button to cycle through the patterns. This isn’t ideal, but you can turn off the vibration (and rotation) by long-pressing on the bottom-most button.

The rotating beads on the shaft are controlled by the remaining buttons. To start the rotation, you press the up arrow. The up and down buttons increase or decrease the rotation of the shaft. The rotating button changes the direction of the rotation.

I would prefer buttons that are more intuitive and easier to use without looking, but once you get used to the button function and placement, the Dream Rabbit is easier to use.


I find the rotation to be somewhat loud – noticeably so on the highest setting. For internal use, the rotation can be strong and fairly loud. If you enjoy a strong rotation, I would recommend the Dream Rabbit. I personally found the rotation to be too powerful, and it sometimes left me sore afterwards.

Although I did not love the rotation internally, I decided to try it externally because I wanted to make something of the rotation function. I’m glad that I did. I found the rotation to be useful even when using the Dream Rabbit externally. Even without vibration, the rotation can be used for external stimulation. When the Dream Rabbit rotates externally, it can shift the ears of the Dream Rabbit in a pleasant way. The combination of the clitoral vibrations with the vulvar stimulation is one way to use the rotation externally. This was also a way to use the toy completely hands-free.

Rabbit Ears

The vibration from the rabbit ears of the Lovehoney Dream Rabbit was really pleasant and enjoyable.

I don’t love the patterns for actual orgasm potential, but some of them feel nice as a tease.


Cleaning the Lovehoney Dream Rabbit is slightly more complicated than the average toy. The rabbit ears need special attention when cleaning, as there is a small space between them. The shaft of the Lovehoney Dream Rabbit around the rotating beads is relatively uncomplicated to clean, but the head, small bumps, and the space between the shaft and the rabbit ear arm need special attention when cleaning.

Does The Lovehoney Dream Rabbit Do What It Claims To?

“Tumble down the rabbit hole as this rabbit’s G-spot curve topsy-turves you to a powerful climax. Chock-full of vibration and rotation settings, this smooth silicone toy is your magic weapon for blended internal and external climaxes.”

I don’t think the angle or head of the Dream Rabbit are particularly helpful for G-spot stimulation. There are a number of settings (especially when used in combination) for the ears and the rotating beads. The combination of the ears for clitoral stimulation and the rotation are good for dual stimulation and blended orgasms, but the internal rotating beads are strong.

Should you Buy The Lovehoney Dream Rabbit Vibrator?

Overall, I did like the Lovehoney Dream Rabbit vibrator. Although it wasn’t my favorite vibrator, if you want a relatively inexpensive traditional rabbit vibrator made from body safe silicone, this may be a good option. If you are interested in a traditional rabbit vibrator (but made from silicone), this is a fairly good option at this price. Dual stimulation vibrators in general can get very expensive, and – at $59.99 –  the Dream Rabbit is at the lower end of the price range.

If you enjoy the rotation of rabbit vibrators, the rotation is particularly strong, so you might like it (just make sure to use water-based lube).’

If you are simply interested in dual stimulation (rabbit vibrator or not), there are better options at this price point (and even lower).

Where to purchase


We-Vibe Touch

Review: We-Vibe Touch

New: Looking for the We-Vibe Touch X? Check out my review of the We-Vibe Touch X or my comparison between the We-Vibe Touch and the new We-Vibe Touch X!

The We-Vibe Touch is a strong, rumbly vibrator that provides pinpoint clitoral stimulation. The next generation We-Vibe Touch has now been released, but the current generation We-Vibe Touch is currently discounted at several retailers.

Design and Material

The We-Vibe Touch is a strong, rumbly vibrator made of soft silicone. The Touch is about 4” long and nearly 2” wide, with an ergonomic shape that fits well in my hand. The tip of the Touch is scooped out, which allows it to fit well around the clitoris, or even to provide broader stimulation distributed throughout the labia (and stimulating the internal clitoris). The head is slightly flexible and all silicone. Compared to the Lelo Siri (which I also love), the head can be slightly flexed due to the silicone material.

As shown below, the We-Vibe Touch (right) has a contoured, scooped out tip.

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure, Lelo Siri 2, We-Vibe Touch

The We-Vibe Touch is 100% waterproof and easy to clean.

Ease of Use

The Touch is controlled by a single button at the base. To turn the Touch on, you press firmly on this control button. To change the vibration setting, you press briefly on the control button.

To turn the Touch off, you can either cycle through each vibration setting, or firmly press the control button down for a couple seconds.

I am sometimes overstimulated by direct clitoral stimulation, particularly pinpoint vibrations. The We-vibe Touch was overwhelming for me to use at first, but now I am used to the powerful vibrations. The We-Vibe Touch and the Lelo Siri are both powerful and rumbly, but the vibrations feel different. The Siri feels more spread out due to the wider head, while the We-Vibe Touch provides more pinpoint clitoral stimulation.

When I first started using the Touch, I had to get used to the strength of the vibrations. Even at the lowest levels the vibrations are strong and rumbly.

The We-Vibe Touch has four vibration levels – low, medium, high, and ultra. In addition, there are patterns included – pulse, wave, cha cha, tease, and ultra. I tend not to use the patterns, but this is true for me of most vibrators.

Charging and Battery Issues

The We-Vibe Touch charges using an included magnetic pin to USB charger. The charging pin Is annoying because the connection is very weak. It is extremely easy to knock the charger off of the We-Vibe Touch. The We-Vibe Moxie has a much stronger magnetic charging connection, and I am hopeful that the new We-Vibe Touch (X) will be similarly strong,

The charging magnets are weak compared to those of other toys, including We-Vibe’s newer toys. I am hopeful that the new We-Vibe Touch X will be similarly strong, Since the magnets connect to the end of the toy, while charging, the cord often falls off. A slight rustling may result in the cord falling off.

When charging, there is a blinking orange-yellow light. When the vibrator is low on power, the base of the toy (where the charging magnets are) blinks orange. The We-Vibe Touch provides 60 minutes of use, but up to 120 minutes of use on low levels. It takes 90 minutes to charge.

I experienced issues with the battery of the We-Vibe Touch after months of use. In addition to this, there have been battery issues reported by bloggers, so it appears to be a common issue. The We-Vibe Touch does come with a 2-year warranty, so this may

Does it live up to the manufacturer’s claims?

From the We-Vibe Touch manual:

“Silky-soft and sensual Touch by We-Vibe gently rocks your world with a slow build to a deep and satisfying sensation. Its sculpted shape is designed to be held in your hand. The rounded tip targets your external pleasure points, while the gentle contours hug and stimulate erogenous zones all over your body.“

I agree with the claims made by We-Vibe here. The shape of the Touch makes it excellent to hold. The rounded tip fits well around your clitoris (or other areas, like nipples). 

Who would this be good for?

I think this is an all-around excellent clitoral vibrator. I recommend this for anyone who wants strong, rumbly clitoral vibrations. The charging connection and battery issues were annoying, but the discounted price makes it more attractive.

Where to Purchase


Satisfyer Purple Pleasure

Review: Satisfyer Purple Pleasure Vibrator

The Satisfyer Purple Pleasure is an amazing value at $29.95. The Purple Pleasure has strong, relatively rumbly vibrations in a great form factor that is similar to the We-Vibe Touch and Lelo Siri.

Design and Material

The Satisfyer Purple Pleasure is made from purple silicone and grey/silver ABS plastic. It is 3.7” x 1.75” and slightly over an inch thick, which allows it to fit well in my hand.

I like the design of the Purple Pleasure because it is similar to the Lelo Siri and We-Vibe Touch. The wider area can provide broad stimulation, but the tip can also provide more pinpoint stimulation. At the same time, it does lack the curve and scoop-like shape of the Siri and Touch, as can be seen below.

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure, Lelo Siri 2, We-Vibe Touch

The Purple Pleasure charges using an included magnetic USB charging cord. The magnetic charging is fairly strong, but it is still possible to knock the charging cable off of the Purple Pleasure. I do appreciate that it is not as weak as the magnetic charging connection of the We-Vibe Touch. A full charge takes approximately 3.5 hours and lasts at least 50 minutes of use. I usually use the Purple Pleasure on the lower settings, and have found that it has lasted for much longer than 50 minutes.

The Satisfyer Purple Pleasure is waterproof (IPX7) and easy to clean. In order to keep it clean, you should take care to clean around where the ABS plastic meets the silicone. There is an imprint of the Satisfyer logo on the back of the toy that could get grimy, but you can avoid that by using the Purple Pleasure with the controls facing you.

Controls and Ease of Use

I love the controls for the Satisfyer Purple Pleasure. Unlike some vibrators, there are two buttons to control the vibration levels. Since there are two buttons, you can easily return to a setting you enjoy, or temporarily lower or raise the strength without having to cycle through each speed or pattern.

In order to turn the Purple Pleasure on, you hold down the raised notch on the toy for a couple of seconds. This raised notch is useful because you can feel the controls without looking at them. This means you can change the vibration settings or turn the toy on and off by finding the raised notch. To switch between vibration levels, you press the top of the notch and the bottom of the notch. Although they are not visible, there are two directional buttons below the notch.

There are five speeds and 10 patterns. As (almost) always, I don’t find these patterns particularly useful, but I do like the strength of the vibrations.

While there is no travel lock, the need to hold the raised notch down for a couple of seconds also means that it is less difficult to accidentally power on the Purple Pleasure.

Does It Do What It Says?

Satisfyer describes the Purple Pleasure as follows:

“This beautifully shaped lay-on vibrator has it all: The rounded tongue stimulates your clitoris with powerful vibrations and is whisper quiet too. “

“Its generous body covers a wide area and its delicate silicone surface and ergonomic design make the Purple Pleasure a chic, reliable companion in your love games. “

I mostly agree with Satisfyer’s claims. The Purple Pleasure’s shape and relatively wide surface area make it an enjoyable vibrator that can provide broader or more pinpoint clitoral stimulation. I disagree with the claim that it is whisper quiet – it isn’t the loudest vibrator, but past the lowest setting, the volume is noticeable.

Should You Buy This?

I recommend the Satisfyer Purple Pleasure vibrator.

The design and vibrations are not as refined as toys with a similar form factor like the Lelo Siri and We-Vibe Touch, but the Purple Pleasure costs $29.95! It is an excellent value.

Specifically, I recommend this if you…

  • Want to try an external/clitoral vibrator. If you are unsure whether you would even like a vibrator for external or clitoral use, the Purple Pleasure is affordable, well-designed, and powerful.
  • Want an inexpensive backup vibrator. I mostly use the Purple Pleasure as a backup.

Satisfyer Purple Pleasure Pros and Cons

Where to Purchase: